The Deutschlandtrend poll points to the Green party being in the lead four months before elections which might bring an unprecedented situation in the German political life.

General elections in Germany are scheduled for 26th September 2021. Photo by Michael Schwarzenberger on Pixabay.

Since the unification of Germany, the government has been led by leaders from either the conservative union of CDU/CSU or from social democratic SPD, however, the next election could be historic and bring victory for the Green Party and its chancellor nominee Annalena Baerbock. …

The world that we live in is a world with no control, as Zygmunt Bauman puts it, and what has seemed like a stable and peaceful world can easily be shattered by one wrong decision of the “key-holders” of global security.

The 75 years of wars and tensions in Israel have colossal implications for global order and security. Photo by Gts on Shutterstock

An epitome of the status quo and perpetual struggle, Israel and Palestine have once again brought up to surface their animosities and showed the world the failure of living together in peace.

The latest conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is a continuation of disputes over territory that both sides regard as their rightful land. Even though Israelis were controlling…

Branko Ladan

Student of Political Science at Stockholm University. Passionate about international politics, economy, history and rock and roll.

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